The Grassfat Difference

We raise, slaughter, dry-age, and butcher all our animals right on the certified organic farm where they were grown  – a claim you won’t find anywhere else.

When you buy from Grassfat Farm, you’re buying direct from the actual farmer with no middle-men involved. In fact, we make it a point to personally call every customer before shipping your first order to ensure we do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

It’s not enough to just be grass-fed – meat needs marbling for flavor and tenderness – so we rotationally graze our animals to ensure the highest quality pasture forage and properly marbled cuts. It’s not enough to just be certified organic – stress during slaughter and processing chemicals reduce meat quality  – so we do all our own on-farm slaughter, dry-aging, butchery, and packaging. It’s not enough to just be locally grown – so we produce the world’s best quality pasture fattened meats right here in South Carolina – custom-cut to your preferences and delivered right to your door.

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Curated Weekly Meal Boxes

Our Curated Weekly Meal Box program delivers customized, individually portioned, ready-to-cook Grassfat meats right to your door! Every new customer gets a welcome call from us so we can learn about your preferences and provide the best cuts of meat to help your cooking skills shine!

Getting started is easy:

Pick the number of people you cook for

Shop for Weekly Boxes designed for one, two, or four people… everything is priced and packaged per serving and so don’t be afraid to mix and match! A “Box for One” four times a week has the same cost per serving as as a “Box for Four” once a week, but if you need a hand deciding what or how to order, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Choose your preferred style of cuts

Pick your cuts based on what you like and how you prefer to cook, or call us and we’ll help you choose. Each category lists all the possible cuts, and what arrives in your box will vary week to week. We also include recipes with step-by-step instructions and cooking tips for each included cut to make sure it comes out perfect.

Select how many meals per week

Custom-build your weekly box or choose from our variety boxes and we’ll curate it for you. We can deliver just one meal a week, or meals for all seven days, with as much or as little variety as you desire: want steak every night? No problem! Prefer more variety? Order different cuts for each day of the week.

Weekly Boxes delivered to your door

Your first Weekly Box arrives three weeks after you first order, and then every week thereafter unless you cancel (not that you’d want to). Orders can be cancelled up to one week prior to shipping. You can also temporarily pause your deliveries anytime so you don’t come home from vacation to a bunch of sunbaked meat at your door!